Best Hair Extension Clips in India

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Human hair extensions are precisely what they resonate like, they are actually made out of human hair from top to bottom which is probably collected by the donor, when the hairs are cut the Remy hairs or cuticles or the outer layer of the hair is undamaged and is cut in the running or same direction.

It is made sure by the barber who cuts the hair that hair is not damaged by any means and is cut in the same direction so that it can be saved for the later use and can be further used to make extensions which will remain smooth and silky throughout their lifetime. In India most of the hair extensions are made out of hair that is been collected by the practice of Tonsuring, which is practiced at many temples in India where men or women shave their hair for religious reason and offer them as a sacrifice to God. Later, Hair Extension Clips in India, Hair Extension Clips Provider in India, Hair Extension Clips Wholesale in India, Hair Extension Clips Manufacturer in India, Hair Extension Clips Suppliers in India the hair which is donated by people becomes the property of the temple authorities and then they sell the hairs to the hair manufacturers.